Monday, April 20, 2009

Somewhere in April '09

So this is my first 2009 post? Wow, time flies when you aren't having lots of fun.

Yeah, been busy. I've gotten some playtime in. On my own, I'm working on "007 Everything or Nothing" for the PS2 as the first of the Wowbagger Project and enjoying the game quite a bit. However, I do apologize for getting Pierce Brosnan shot so many times.

What is the Wowbagger Project, you ask? For those who haven't read, or don't remember, Wowbagger was a character from that wholly remarkable book, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Wowbagger was an alien that had become immortal as the result of an experiment gone wrong. At first he loved it, but then all those Sunday afternoons got to him and he needed something to focus his eternal life on - insulting the whole universe.

In a way, I'm going to take page from Wowbagger's book and do something similar, but less insulting - I'm going to play all the games in my collection, individually, one-by-one, and in alphabetical order!

So, that's why I'm playing 007 Everything or Nothing because in my sorting scheme, 007 was the first game. (Other sites like Metacritic list it as "James Bond 007 etc", but if you look at the box it seems to start with "007").

Because of this plan, I've really lost my great desire to constantly buy new games - a decision that has had beneficial effects on the family budget. I've also started to get disillusioned with where the industry is going. I don't think that at this point they can return to the glory days of the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube period. Big titles are expensive to produce for the 360 and PS3 and frequently return too little. The Wii is losing steam (which was more hype than anything to begin with) and is swamped with crapware. The handhelds (read: DS and DSi) are doing well, but gaming on pocket systems is a stop-gap solution to real games. You can't have a real driving, adventure, or sports game on that small a platform.

Anyway, enough of the rant for now. All I know is that at this point my "2009 Videogame and Computer Receipts" folder at home is VERY thin for being almost 5 months into 2009.

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