Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Thursday update....because I missed it on Monday

General nits and bits:

"Finished" Hamtaro for the 3rd time last weekend. After getting all the Ham-chat words, I got an extended credits ending (more like the real credits). I've never seen a game with so many sequential endings!

Gave Polarium another chance after talking with my friend from work and it's not too bad. Sort of a cross between Othello and Tetris.

Started playing GTA:SA in little pieces. The game is everything you'd want from a truly "M" rated game. But as it has all the violence and language of a R rated movie, I think you should be able to have just as much sex and nudity that you can have in a R rated movie too. Stupid ESRB! I do wonder when a game like this gets made on the next (or even next) generation console, if the level of realism would get to a point that the comedic aspects of the violence (face it, everyone looks like cartoon characters and the blood is just red puddles) would be lost. This is a dark, serious game and the comic-relief of the unintended "accidents" is one of the only things keeping it from just being another gangsta shoot-em up movie.

Now that Ham-Ham is out of my GBA, I've started FFIV. Only problem with these FF ports is that the games were designed for a full TV screen while running on the PS. Pretty small sprites.

Oh, and I found out why gamers don't miss cartridge games...dirty contacts! I've gotten a few old N64 games off eBay and without my old SNES cleaning kit I'd be sending several back.

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