Wednesday, January 11, 2006

By the Numbers (previously Updates)

Not so much here on the blog as on my Video Game Purchases web page. For some reason I felt the need to add totals for games by platform, total number of games purchased since I started it and a weekly tally of purchases - in case this might shed some light on by buying habits, I suppose. I even have an average number of games purchased per week (which for me is always Monday to Sunday). In a possible validation of the theory that any examination of a phenomenon will affect the characteristics of the phenomenon itself, I just happened to go to Gamestop today not completely ignorant of the fact that this week's total of purchased games was still zero and bought 4 more PS2 games.

Friday, January 06, 2006

I love it when I'm right :)

I read today that GTA:LCS is coming to the PS2....just like I predicted it would. Following the corporate plan that exclusivity has an expiration date, I knew that Sony would want more mileage out of the development costs incurred making LCS. It does surprise me a little that they announced so soon, but I guess the Xmas bubble has burst and whatever business the title could create for PSP sales is mostly over. Either way, it will make a fun game to play without having to get one of those pricey toys.

Traded some sleep last night for time on RE:2 for the cube. I have to agree with the critics who blasted Ninny for releasing it without the kind of update treatment #1 got. The graphics really suck for a cube game. But I have to say it handles better and runs quicker than it's PS1 parent.

Idea for next blog: Finishing games.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What lies ahead....

Well, my Retirement 11 day demo ran out so it's back to work time. (Excellent program, btw. Can't wait for the full version!)

Much FFXI gaming over the break, but only a little console time. I did play some of Obscure (aka Resident Evil 90210) and it was both entertaining and dissapointing. Good graphics and decent control scheme, but there were a couple of times where not being able to move the camera made finding things almost impossible - like the gate out of the first area! I liked the partner style of gameplay, but to say this is a co-op play game is a ripoff. All they did was allow another player to drive around a slave character. No fun at all. However, as a single player game it worked out quite well. I also liked that when a character died, he (or she) stayed dead. You never know who's going to make it through. And the other characters would mourn at the places where their friends fell in battle. Sort of like Sims grief.

This is going to be an interesting year, videogame-wise. The old guard will be replaced with new systems. Microsoft has already stopped production of any MS games for the Xbox, and one has to wonder about the Cube. With the release of the Revolution, will Nin keep making games for a platform that is already struggling? I don't expect PS2 games to go away anytime soon - too many consoles out there to cater to. And eventually stores have to cut back on one platform or another or run out of display space. Target's have expanded their game area, but it's still only a couple of aisles. Walmart will have to make the most changes and as they are #1 in retail sales, that means alot.

And what will I end up buying? At this point, I have no interest in a 360 (too buggy, not any games I can't play on the PC, no interest in the online features, etc). The Revolution will probably be fairly cheap and if they have good backwards support that will be a plus. I am looking forward to a PS3 as I think it will be the powerhouse of the three. I have a feeling that in the end MS will regret having gone first in the console wars.

Time will tell and 2006 has begun.