Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Demoing on the PSP

Hey, only 2 days since the last post. A new trend maybe?

Anyway, I tried the demo for the Resistance PSP game last night. In general, the thing that impressed me was the graphics - stunning cut scenes and good in-game third-person action for such a small screen. What didn't impress me was that I had to fight way too many monsters with waaaay too little ammo. Note to designers: checkpoints that don't replenish your ammo to reasonable levels when you return to them aren't very helpful. It's a "no buy" for me.

The PSP has been something of an oddball for me. If I were still doing business travel, it would be my constant traveling companion. But, it's hard to find a niche for it when I'm never away from my consoles. I have gotten into making movie files for it, which can be fun, but games are harder to get into. I like that Sony keeps updating the firmware, adding more features and refining others. In some ways, it adds that "tinkering" aspect that computers have to them. I've bought a number of UMD movie for it, but I haven't watched a single one. The only reason I broke down and bought this one (aside from having the money at the time) was that I liked the case color!

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