Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday check-in

I can't say I really have a lot to offer this week, but I felt it was important to at least try to put some words out. I hate having big gaps in the blog. If anyone comes and reads it (like THAT'S going to happen), I don't want them thinking that this is a dead page. Too many of those out there already.

Well, the game buying drought continues. If this keeps up, I'll have almost no new games for all of 2009 - and that's not a bad thing really. I was all set the other day to go to Gamestop to see about picking up a few games in their B2G1F sale and I wanted to check my library to see which ones I was missing from a couple of series. After looking at the games for a few minutes, I quickly decided not to bother even going. I've got so many really good games that adding more just doesn't make any sense. Are there any out there that I'm willing to spend money on anymore?

As for actual play, I've been Rock Band-ing (could play that game forever!) and some Dokapon on the DS. Too soon to say about Dokapon, but so far it seems like it's just the mechanics of the game without any of the charm or humor. At least it doesn't seem to cheat. Also been playing some very casual games on Bigfish and Facebook. Nothing special, just some time killers.

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