Monday, March 24, 2014

March 2014 Play Log - Day 22 to 28

22 & 23 - After several late nights (ie, early mornings) of Battlefield 4, I decided to invest in some serious rest to keep me from getting sick and/or too sleepy to function. And while I haven't been playing any games, I was able to get my new computer setup. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to reload my save games from The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Oh, why didn't they use Cloud Saves???

24 & 25 - Decided to jump back into Ghostbusters since I'm probably close to the end of this one. However, I'm running into some game obstacles that aren't very well explained. I'm not sure if they didn't playtest the end of the game as much or if some stuff just seemed obvious to the people designing the game, but I had to look up two things on FAQ's so far (how to open the front gates, for example). Now I'm trapped in a battle with these flying stone angels and if I can't get past them tonight, it may be a premature Game Over for Ghostbusters.

26 - "We came! We saw! We kicked its ass!" (Ok, substitute "I" for "we" and that about sums it up.) Yup, I finished Ghostbusters last night! The part that I had so much trouble with last night (the flying stone angels) wasn't a problem even though I beat it using a technique that the person writing the FAQ I read thought was the harder way to go. The rest of the game wasn't bad at all, even the final bosses. Just to be on the safe side, I bought all the upgrades before going into battle - which left me with about $80,000+ left over. Not sure what you were supposed to do with all that money, but it was nice to get achievements just for buying upgrades! Overall, I really enjoyed Ghostbusters. The mechanic for capturing ghosts was not only unique but felt very true to the original movie. Also, they did an excellent job of bring the actor's characters to life in the game. The whole game held together very well - there wasn't any level that felt overly long or unnecessary. I'd like to think that Harold Ramis was happy with how it all came together.

So, my Harold Ramis Memorial Ghostbusters Playthough is done. Since I finished relatively early, I decided to pop over and see how Raven was doing in Kingdoms of Amalur. (Zzzzzz...) Raven. Raven ,wake up, time to go adventuring! (Zzz...huh?...Who are...Oh, it's you.) Miss me? (Like troll spit in my boots. What do you want?) Well, I have some time before bed and I thought we could go out for awhile. (Oh, really? You leave me in this stinking little four-hut town for a month, then figure you can just waltz in here and drag my ass around for what, an hour?) Well, I do have work in the morning. (And didn't you have "work" the next day when you stayed up til 1am playing Battlefield 4? You've never stayed up that late with me!) I haven't? Anyway, that was just so I could finish the campaign before I had to return it. (Humph. Fine. Let me get dressed. Turn around.) So, I thought we could  drop off some of your extra items, get your equipment fixed, then look at your quests. You know, get a feel for your world again. (Yeah, that would be nice. This place is so dull. Everyone is either standing or sitting somewhere during the day, or lying on a cot at night. Nothing ever changes, nothing ever...AAHH!! WHAT THE HELL?? Why did I just shoot my fire arrow into the bookcase?) Oops, that was me. Sorry. That button was for the PKE meter in my other game. Used it a lot. (Marvelous. Well, take a few minutes and get used to what does what again, ok? I don't want to end up a corpse - again - because you don't remember my primary attack button. Oh, oh, oh...and watch it with the Sneak button! That crouch stretches muscles I forgot I had.) Alright, got it. Ready? (Yeah, let's do this. Be good to get out of here for a change.) You know, I was thinking that we should setup something more regular. How does Wednesday night work for you? (You mean like a "date night"?) I guess you could call it that. (Well, I'll have to check my busy social calendar, but I think I can fit you in between my afternoon nap and my evening jog around the basement.) Cool. I'll bring flowers. (You better.)

27 - Tonight I was able to get through the second episode of season two of The Walking Dead. When this came out, I was still "stuck" using my laptop and I didn't want to play it on a small screen. I also wanted to make sure that my saves would carry over. When I started playing on Grimm, my new computer, I copied over the files, but at first it looked like it didn't read the save correctly. The feeling that I would have to play that first episode over again was more than I could take. It's not that it was that bad or uncomfortable, but it's like having to re-watch the first part of something again because you can't fast forward over it. Fortunately, I was able to select a different save file and it had all my old progress. So, I did the second episode in one sitting. It's not so much like playing a normal game as it is directing the course (to a minor degree) of a graphic novel you're reading. You know that you're going to end up in the same ending as everyone else, it's just how you get there and how you make Clementine respond that makes it feel unique. When there are new story points and they relate back to things you've done, it gives the whole experience a feeling of a continuing narrative. I have to say that of the people who got killed, none of them were ones I really cared about. (That's not a spoiler - people die in every Walking Dead comic/game/TV show!)

28 - Took a look at a couple of survival games tonight - NEO Scavenger and Project Zomboid. NEO was just too old school for my current tastes - maybe it would be better on a tablet. Zomboid was a little too bare bones for a survival/zombie game that I'd like to sink a lot of time into. True, it was only a demo, but it didn't make me want to buy the full version. I decided to finish up by starting Broken Age, a game that it seemed everyone was talking about just a month or so ago. I'm not sure how much I'm going to stick with it though. It's an old fashioned point-and-click adventure with a graphics engine more fitting today's computers. Yeah, it's "charming", but I've gotten so used to games that let me control a character that only being able to click on fairly static screens feels so limiting. Even The Walking Dead gives me opportunities to "explore" my environment WASD-style. Also, the environments don't feel like they have enough content to interact with - something I miss from the old days.

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