Monday, September 09, 2013

Borderlands - The Next Hour (or so) and first CITW

I went back into Borderlands the other night and started up a Hunter and a Siren (Lilith). As I suspected, there isn't much difference between the classes at the beginning - everyone starts out with a gun of some sort. Once you level up, you can start picking abilities to attack or defend with. I think I'm going to stick with Lilith, if for no other reason than I like to hear her little quips during battles.

My favorite weapon so far is a pistol with a 4X scope on it. It lets me get "up close and personal" with my targets. And there a lot of them! I'm not really used to a game where gun-toting raiders are considered wandering monsters! I'm trying to do a little shopping at the grenade vending machine, and bandits come into town and start a gunfight. No manners whatsoever! There also seem to be these mutant "skags" everywhere so just going across the street to complete a little quest burns up a clip or two of SMG ammo.

But, I'd say I'm enjoying it so I'll stick with it for awhile and see what happens.

Oh, and I fixed the screen tearing issue with a change to one of the games INI files and sped up the framerate by dropping the game down into DX9 compatibility mode.

CITW #1 - which stands for Console In The Wild. With the shift from handheld consoles like Gameboys, DS's and PSP's to iPhones, iPads, and Androids, I'm starting to take note any time I see a kid (or adult, for that matter) using a good ol' fashioned game system. In case you hadn't noticed, it's getting to be a rare occurrence! My first sighting for this (and it's been awhile already) was over the weekend at a Costco - a boy playing a silver Gameboy Advance SP. Keep the faith, kid!

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