Thursday, September 05, 2013

Dead Duke Rage Space Limbo

Does the title of this post make sense? Well, to me it sort of does.

I think of it as a new beginning.

Last night, I cleaned off a few games from my PC that I've either completed (Dead Space and Limbo) or should really move on from (Duke Nukem Forever and Rage). The latter ones were holding me back, especially Rage that I had bought new DLC for. While I enjoyed Rage, there are other games out there I would like to play, and trying to get a fairly "meh" add-on working just wasn't a good use of game-time. The game would either lose audio or start and stop randomly. Glad that didn't happen when I was playing it through.

Currently I'm thinking about diving into Borderlands, but XCom is also a serious contender. My collection of Steam games is over 500 now, so I think I can find something to play! I played some of the Bit.Trip games after my "purge" and I have to ask, "Why are they so fricking hard?!" They are probably good for reaction training, given that my reactions have slowed down considerably over the years, but would checkpoints really have spoiled things that much? Sheesh!

Lots of talk about the upcoming console releases. Both the PS4 and Xbox One are releasing in November, and the Wii U is heading into it's second holiday season. With the mountains of games I still have to play, I don't see getting any of them for a long time, but I know I'm not the target audience, so no big surprise. I think there will be a new PC in 2014, however, as my dual core CPU is starting to seem underpowered.

It's interesting now that games are either low-spec-requirement indies, or super-high-end AAA franchise offerings from 2 or 3 main publishers. The whole middle range of games has pretty much vanished. And the #1 game people are playing online isn't WoW, it's LoL, and everyone is designing MOBA's because of it.

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