Friday, November 30, 2012

That Was The Year That Was 2005

I’m not one to really keep with a specific project for very long, but sometimes I surprise myself. I started this blog seven years ago, and with the exception of a two year break where my access to it was curtailed, I kept it going with (occasionally) interesting entries. Now that I have been able to get back to it, I thought I should do a recap/update of some of the items I posted to see how things have changed.

10/26/05 – I brought up a problem in all zombie shooting games (like the awful movie tie-in one for the excellent Land of the Dead), that if they wanted to make it “realistic” to the way zombie movies work, that one bite would be fatal for the player. Interestingly, that is just the way the new Telltale Walking Dead game I’ve been playing works. It took awhile, but someone finally got it right.

11/1/05 – It was a few weeks before the Xbox 360 launch and I did a brief mention of HD-DVD’s – the Zip discs of the home video world.

11/15/05 – Seven years later, this hasn't changed - I still feel that Call of Duty style games illustrate what would happen to me in a real war situation – and it’s not good news.

11/22/05 – Release day for the Xbox 360. Seven years later and they still sold 750,000+ UNITS ON F-ING BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND 2012! By this time next year, we will probably be able to buy the Xbox 720 (or whatever they end up calling it).

11/28/05 – I never did get that Mario Kart DS I was lusting for at the time. At this point there was also my first mention of our (Morbo, Mews, and Ratheon’s) playing of FFXI, but no indication of levels.

12/2/05 – I had put in some random notes about game stuff and was talking about Nintendo’s next console – The Revolution. I really miss that name.

12/7/05 – Here I started embedding pictures of the covers of games I was “reviewing”, but they are all broken now because since then Cox has taken away the Webspace I used to store stuff on. Guess I’ll have to use Imgur now. I made a mention that I thought I’d never need another Katamari game – but just the other day I got the one for PS3. Never say never, I guess, something that becomes a rather recurring theme in my blogs.

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