Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Three Years later...

It just occurred to me today - I can get to my Video Game blog again!

About three years ago, my company decided to put a content filter on our Internet access. They figured that any site that "talked" about video games must, of course, allow people to "play" video games, so they blocked anything that even mentioned video games - including Gamestop, Metacritic's game ratings, and my blog. Mind you, this content filtering never interfered with access to any sporting site or any other not-really-related-to-work site, just video games. But that ended a couple of months ago, so here I am again.

Needless to say, A LOT has happened in those three years, both personally and in my gaming. I'll leave out the feely stuff - it's not what this blog is about. The game stuff will take some time to catch up on. I'm going to start by going back over my old posts (each one like a mini-time capsules at this point) and post updates on them before I head out into the new spaces of late 2012.

OK, one "feely" thing...it *feels* great to be back.

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