Monday, March 26, 2007

2K7 Game-a-Week Week #12: The Upgrade Game

Ok, so this isn't a real game, but it's what I've been playing this week.

My main computer, Wintermute, has hit the age where the best components are now just short of hitting the surplus bins. This means that for about $300, I got a graphics card and CPU that will provide the maximum performance from the system. Any more improvement would require a new system and that is something I don't want to get into right now. (Having to buy for DX10 and Vista would suck. Not buying for them would be foolish.)

You might guess from this that I'm pretty deep into PC gaming again - and you'd be right. Of course, I spent nearly all this week looking for parts and/or finding utilities to analyze my system or run benchmarks (found a great site that evaluates your PC against game requirements - which is what kicked off this upgrade frenzy). I have to remember that shopping on Newegg doesn't constitute gaming.

This week will be spent installing the upgrades (which will be mercifully short I hope), coming up with a subset of games that I really intend to play from my 2 CD album books, and (shocker!) actually playing some stuff.

P.S. After reading last weeks post, I realized I had planned to do Gametap this week. That has been postponed until after John visits so I don't lose a week. And, of course, there's no rush on trying it.

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