Monday, March 05, 2007

2K7 Game-a-Week Week #9 - Kingdom Hearts - Part 2

Well, I think I've gotten this game out of my system, at least for awhile. I did accomplish my goal of linking up with Goofy and Donald, then getting to a "real" Disney world (Alice in Wonderland) - even if it did take several hours of game time! While novel in design (a full fledged RPG with Disney characters), it pretty much boiled down to a) enter a world and fight some random monsters, b) via talking cutscenes, find out what you need to locate in another area, c) fight lots of random monsters in that area while you are trying to locate the items. Lots more button mashing than I expected. Oh, and let's not forget the Star Fox mini-game ripoff between worlds. Also, why did they not map the camera to the right thumbstick? Must have been before someone came up with that idea. Anyway, I'll keep the last save and might try it again some other time. (If I get to the end of this year with nothing more than memory cards full of started games, that isn't such a bad thing. Getting into these games to the point where they become interesting is sometimes the hardest part.)

This week I think I'll take a cue from a game to be released this week, GTA:VCS, and start playing GTA:LCS. I never have wanted (seriously) to get a PSP and these games were some of the only reasons I would have even have considered it. Interestingly, it was either Sony or Rockstar who proclaimed, rather strongly, that GTA:VCS would NEVER come to another platform. Rrrright. *Cough!*bullshit*Cough!* It really sucks when these guys (and it was probably Sony) ouright lie to us. Sony may have created (hell, DID) create the greatest gaming platform of all time, the PS2, but since then they have been nothing by arrogant bastards to the consumer. While very attached to my 3 PS2's, I don't see that I'll ever get a PS3. They are just too damn expensive! Even if they cut the price in half, that's still $300 - I've never paid that much for a console in my life. Now, I am considering an Xbox360 soon, but even that decision isn't final unless the price drops or I can get a deal with extra hardware (like a controller) or games (note to Fry's: THAT DON'T SUCK!). My ideal package would be a 360 with Oblivion, CoD2, and PGR3. And an extra controller, if I can get it. :)

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