Friday, August 22, 2014

Winding down the year: Plans and Thoughts

As I write this, there's only about a week of August 2014 left and it's gotten me thinking about what I'm going to be playing as the year ends.

Currently, I'm about 2/3 to 3/4 done with Uncharted. If I'm lucky, I hope to finish it this weekend. I've definitely been enjoying it, but there have been some controller-twisting-in-anger moments. Last night I had to traverse the upper rafters of a ruined cathedral and kept missing a jump which made me do it all over again from the beginning. Not fun. My biggest fear with this game is that I'll get stuck on some sort of final boss challenge. That would really suck!

Next week is the release date of the last episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 (the game). I've played the first two episodes and put it aside until the rest were done. Now I'm going to want to dive into that and get through it before I hear too much on my podcasts about it. Those episodes usually take me about 2 hours each, so that's about 5-6 hours or a week's worth right there.

Then, of course, there's the matter of Destiny. As I mentioned here before, I impulsed a purchase of the Ghost edition (along with some other items that I cancelled, by the way) and it will be here on launch day, 9/9/14. Will I keep it? Haven't decided yet. The resale options are good enough that I didn't want to cancel, so it will come down to how much I want a little Peter Dinklage sound chip toy. I can always get another copy of the game itself which probably everyone will be playing. But I feel like I fell into this same trap with Titanfall, even though I know I should have thought that one through more. At least Destiny will have a single player mode. To get anywhere in this game will likely take a loooong time.

And those are just the heavy hitters! I still have a desire to go back into P.T. and try to get the ending myself if for no other reason than to reset the game (I haven't found any other way without deleting and reloading). Diablo III just released for the PS4 and I'd like to give it a try again. I haven't done anything with Watch_Dogs or Infamous: Second Son, both titles that I got for my seldom booted up PS4. I got two versions of Skylanders, Giants and Swap Force, that I need to try to see if I want to continue buying sets for. And then there are the occasional games that pop up on my radar after I've heard about them on a podcast. It just never ends!

On the good side, I won't be bored.

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