Monday, December 18, 2006

A Wii Pre-Xmas Fable

With one of the NWK's in England for the next 2 weeks, gaming is taking a different turn. Mews and Morbo still have some things to do (like catch up with Rath), but I've also gotten a chance to work on some console gaming.

One big rift though is weither or not to open the copy of GC Zelda I got. I've been sorely tempted by the wily Wii. A few of my friends have gotten it and it's all over the net. I even considered an early Sunday run to get one, but was detered by a new Amazon play-and-pray scheme. I'll be up til midnight tonight to see if I'll be waving a wiimote around this holiday season (odds are 28 to 1 against).

As a diversion, I've started to play Fable:TLC. I didn't realize how tough it would be to get into this game again - not because of the game itself, but because I already know the story. And a damn good one it was too! I know other people were dissapointed by it but I never knew about the hype around it (I didn't pay much attention to gaming mags and websites back then). Even so, trying to ignore some of the upcoming battles and plot twists is an uphill struggle at this point. It might get better after I get out of the training area and start hitting some of the new content.

A quick note about my fighting game loving daughter - she is truly a blood thirstly little gal! I was watching her play Bloody Roar 4 on the PS2 the other day. She was playing this one character and having her do these gory (and I mean blood splatters everywhere!) moves over and over again. She can really kick ass on these games. Something her "old man" never got the hang of since MK on SNES. So, Rain Man was good at math, Rain Girl is l33t at fighting games. ;)

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