Monday, December 11, 2006

Still-ed Life and other ramblings

This weekend I got back to a game I've played a little bit before, Xbox's Still Life. While I applaud the developers of this game with making a truly adult adventure game (it plays like an R rated movie), the second chapter is proving to be annoying. Why, for example, do I have to talk to my dim witted partner before I can put my camera in the evidence chute? And, why do I have to not only deduce what my access code is but also need to input it into a card reader within a limited amount of time? While the access code was fairly easy to figure out, nowhere was I told about the time limit. I just thought I needed a shorter number! I haven't given up entirely on this one, but it didn't do itself any favors.

My game collection size has hit the demonic level (666) with the inclusion of GBA games and the weekend purchase of used (but excellent condition) copies of Okami and Call of Cthulhu. I have to think that developers and publishers hate Game-World. Not only do they get nothing from the sale of a used game, but they lose a sale to boot. I do feel a little guilty not buying Okami from a place like Fry's since my purchase won't count toward how many they sold. From what I've heard, Okami isn't doing too well in the "units sold" department. Maybe they should have put it out at a lower price?

As this year draws to a close, the one thing gaming related I'll remember from 2006 is the loss of OPM. Of all the gaming mags it was the one I thought had no chance of being shutdown. Why stop a mag that covers a line of consoles that dominates the landscape of video gaming already and is just bringing a new powerhouse to the market? I'll admit that the demo disc was probably obsolete by now with the lack of new PS2 games to showcase and PS3 demos to be available ala Xbox Live. But they could have at least kept the magazine! R.I.P. OPM.

What do I think I'll do gaming wise next year? Well, I'm still planning some sort of play schedule for myself although it keeps going back and forth between a select group of top titles or a random pick of a larger amount. Quality to savor the best or quantity to cover more ground? Still working on that one.

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