Friday, July 28, 2006

Ham-Ham Wrap Party

I stayed up late last night to fulfill my goal of the week - to finish Hamtaro's Ham-Ham Heartbreak! And with the exception of a couple of minor items I did.

I'm not sure what drove me to finish this game. Part was the really cute hamsters, part was the little ham-chat moves they did, but mostly it was a fun story to follow that never got so hard as to be frustrating. I knew that if I just kept coming back that I'd be able to complete it and that isn't something that I feel about most games.

(*** SPOILER ALERT! ***)

I did think it was odd that the game "ended" (in the sense that the credits rolled) before the game was really done. While I had beaten Spat (who turned into a Harmony look-alike lol), not all the Ham-hams were happy. One was still in the Spat Tower locked room! When I did get the final couple together (tip: have 2 glass beads by the end), I was treated to a quick glimpse of each of the couples I had helped. That little wrap-up summary and Harmony's "blessing" on the last couple (Hamtaro and Bijou)...well, let's just say that sad things aren't the only reason for tears. Kudos to the design team! And how do they come up with such sweet music for game endings?!?!

Thank you, Hamtaro, for a truly memorable experience! I'm looking forward to the next one (coming sometime late this year?) and I think I'll have to revisit the original GBC game.

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