Friday, July 14, 2006

Another Friday update....1 month plus later

I didn't mean for these posts to be so far apart, but shortly after the last post I had a fairly life-changing event happen and am just now getting back to a new kind of normal. I'll write about that in my other blog after I add the keyword "diabetes" to my profile. :P

As for what I played this week, one thing hasn't changed...still playing that damn hamster game! I got badly stuck this week and had to resort to an FAQ. Who knew you needed to ram other hamsters to get important info? I must be getting close to done. There's only one area I haven't opened up and my meter is nearly full. Then I think I'll start a shorter Pokemon!

Also played the opening bit to the original SiN (that still sounds wierd). I remember (and still have) the game when it came out. I think I stopped playing it because a) it ran like crap on my computer, and b) I kept killing the civy's.

Just got my second DS today - the first one was returned due to a stuck pixel on the top screen. This one will get checked this evening for any problems. Got it with a TMNT game which I didn't particularly care about, but it was only $10.

Haven't updated my "games purchased" page for weeks (same reason as above) but I don't think I really need it anymore. Basically I wanted to see what my buying habits were and it pretty much boils down to 3-4 games a week. Some weeks I go nuts and others I don't get any. Instead I've been working on a master list of all my games. I've come really close (and sometimes beyond close) to getting games I already have. This way I have something to check. I've even added stuff like on Xbox games if they are compatible with the 360. Kinda cool.

Project for next week: Get F.E.A.R. installed and play some.

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