Monday, August 17, 2009

Game of the Week Mk. 2 - Week #2

Ok, so maybe the idea of having 2 games for a week was a bad plan. I never did get any Hitman 2 in and still haven't tried a full TimeSplitters 2 run on the first level on Normal. Instead, I got onto a bit of a Tomb Raider kick (brought on by playing a little bit of the 360 version of Underworld). I played (or tried to play) a little bit of Tomb Raider 2 for the Playstation (how in God's name did people stand playing games like that - side-scrollers on the SNES looked and played better). I also did some of TR:Angel of Darkness. That wasn't too bad, but it was still pretty clunky. I can see how people were disappointed given the considerable step-up in processing power of the PS2. I wasn't too happy with the "strength" bar - it just made moving around ledges harder because you didn't know where to go and she doesn't move very fast that way anyway. You felt like saying, "Get a move on, bitch! You can't hang there forever!" From what I remember of the reviews, logic was one of the biggest losers in the design. Things like not being able to move a cot or having to kill dogs with only with bullets, take away from the feeling of being "in the world". But, it was an interesting start and I might get back to it as some point - just to see if there is anything else amazingly stupid they did.

As for my new game of the week, I'm thinking I'll give a good Lara Croft game a try. My choices are Legend or Anniversary. This actually leads me to a new "problem" I'm having. A number of my games have never been opened. With mint copies of these games disappearing, it's getting harder to just unwrap them and spoil their potential value (not that I would want to sell them, of course). But, this will be a good thing to do - time to get one out in the open. I'm leaning toward Legend for the PS2, but I might go for the Cube version instead. Either way, it ought to make for a good week.

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