Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekly Game Blog - 7/13/09 - 7/19/09

New feature - a running commentary during the week.

Monday: Lunchtime CoD4 on the DS. Played the rather cool air support stages. Not sure how accurate they were, but major kudos to the designers for coming up with the idea and making it work...While I still can, I had to buy a black DS. Amazon is the only ones that still have them and when those are gone, I'll kick myself for not picking one up.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Been on a bit of tear buying PS2 games, but not sure why. I do consider the PS2 to be the best console ever, but my library is going to outlast me by decades. Some of the games are for Sarah (fighting games, RB1 for PS2), some are ones I've meant to buy in the past (.hack, Tourist Trophy), and some are duplicates of of favorites (Timesplitters 2 for PS2). I now have TS2 for all 3 systems - and I'm still trying to get through level 1 on Normal mode! What is it about that game! Mind you, I think it's excellent. I'm just hoping that running it on the PS2 or Xbox will give me a better chance....Recent disappointment: Red Faction 2. Reviewers thought it was good? Why? The graphics and gameplay are just slightly higher in quality then a PS1 game. If these are systems that can do TS2 and MGS2, RF2 could have been a lot better. Maybe I'll have to try it on PS2 (I played a bit of the Cube version). I do remember a distinct difference between the Xbox and Cube versions of Hitman 2 (but there is was the Cube's version that looked better!).

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