Monday, June 30, 2008

June '08 wrap-up rap

Well, as June draws to a close, I thought I'd babble a bit before the month of my 47th birthday starts.

I like the format I started this month and I think I'll continue with it (until I think of something else or just get bored of it). I don't know if it will accomplish its intended purpose of convincing me that I don't need an Xbox 360, however. July will be a tough month to hold out on. Between my b-day and a pretty good rumor that it will drop $50 the weekend just before, I may just fall victim to my own obsession. I mean, I already have 5 games for it! (Yes, I have games for a system I don't own. Sheesh!) But I think I'd rather have the TV upgrade before the game system. As this month has shown, I have so little time for real console gaming anymore unless John is in town. What would be the point?

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