Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fossil Findings #3: Playstation Retro

Lost changes to this post just as I was saving. Damn web editor. Just going to post basics and go to bed. :(

Games Played this Week: PS1

Deathtrap Dungeon - crap
Tomb Raider II - crap
Resident Evil: Survivor - clunky, but fun, like a lot of RE games.
The Italian Job - Didn't know it was a Rockstar game.
Tomb Raider III - crap
Apocalypse - Robotron movie starring Bruce Willis
JP:Lost World - Dino-platformer

opening cinematic vs in-game
ps1 controller - no thumbsticks means no camera control
logitech controller - no directional buttons
PS1 pushed into 3D

From Russia with Love (PS2) - Master Chief in a tux.

Games Bought this Week: None

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