Monday, December 03, 2007

2K7 Game-a-Week Week #48: Home stretch for 2007

With the last bits of 2007 running out of that giant hourglass in the void, a few changes have occurred in my gaming landscape.

Dungeon Runners has pretty much run it's course. While it was a great experience at first, it hasn't been able to maintain our interest. Too many reused tilesets for levels, too many reused monsters, not enough variety of combat situations, and an increasingly disappointing return on King's coins. All in all, a good 3 months game that we should have cut off before the credit cards got charged again. Oh, well. I guess it's ok in the "supporting the little folks of gaming" sort of way.

In its stead we have taken up Guild Wars in a big way. A bit frustrating at first because of the abrupt apocalyptic change in the world, we went back and prepared better and are now a much more effective fighting force. (As with most RPG's, a magic user is still basically a wimp and a warrior with a sword is a far better damage dealer.)

I've had a chance to run through the Call of Duty 4 demo and for the most part, it's very much just an updated CoD 2. I seem to get shot a lot more than CoD2 and there are more people yelling at me because I guess every soldier in the modern army has a headset on. When given a choice for an Xmas present between this game and one where I get to shoot zombies with the Wii-mote (Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles), it was an easy choice. Zombies FTW!

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