Thursday, August 09, 2007

Resident Wii-vil FTW

Last night I shook off a little zombie monkey that had been on my back since I bought RE4 for the Wii - specifically, could I play it.

My sole experience with RE4 had been the demo disk, which concludes with a frantic battle in the village. On the Cube, I was able to complete it, but only after a number of defeats (including getting my head chain-sawed off) and the overwhelming feeling that I had just been damn lucky to finish. It's a hard fight.

Knowing that and how "quirky" the Wii controls are, almost made me skip getting the game altogether. Even after I bought it, I was afraid I wouldn't be coordinated enough to stay alive while all the villagers were trying to kill me. So last night I decided to see and I'm happy to report that (after fewer deaths than on the Cube) I was able to survive the onslaught. The biggest advantage was the aiming - trying to aim with the control sticks on the Cube was never very easy. With the Wii-mote, I could target much quicker in tight spots like the bottom floor of the tower. Also, not having independent camera control made it a little easier, I think. Less chance of looking where I couldn't fire. The "quick knife" function is very useful too - for fighting and for quickly opening boxes and barrels.

So, the smelly little ape is gone and I will have to see how much farther I can go without losing my head.

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