Monday, July 30, 2007

2K7 Game-a-Week #30: Short term results

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I cut myself off from the constant flood of game news and podcasts. (During this time I also was literally cut off from it at work with the installation of new content filters. Premonition? Maybe.) And the result?....Calm, mostly.

Without the repeated bombardment of previews, scoops, interviews, press event coverage and whatnot, I'm feeling a renewed fondness for my existing game collection that I think I was starting to lose. The only downside is that with the exception of the DS and Wii, I don't really have much on the other platforms left to shop for.

** Insert a one week break here. Thought I posted this already.. **

When I said I didn't have much to shop for, I wasn't being entirely honest. While nothing "new" is being put out on Xbox1, Gamecube, and (for the most part) PS2, I always seem to find some title that I have missed and want. For example, I got Black and Delta Force BHD for the Xbox, and Th3 Plan and Amplitude for the PS just these last couple of days. I still haunt eBay and just got an old copy of Fear Effect along with 4 PS2 titles I never had. Sometimes I think my standards have slipped a little and it often seems I buy games more like a stamp collector than a gamer. The Collection now stands at (counting PS2, Xbox1, Cube, N64, SNES, GBA, DS, PS1) just under 800.

The latest MMO we are playing is Dungeon Runners. It is a blast! Like a cross between the old Runescape and Dungeon Siege. It has replaced any thoughts of FFXI which was starting to get way too annoying. If I were Morbo, I'd consider getting a good retirement plan setup - quick!

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