Monday, June 04, 2007

2K7 Game-a-Week Week #22: Before too much more time passes...

Well, this post isn't as far from the last as it was from the previous (was that in English?), so that's saying something. Again, however, I can only update in bits and pieces since I haven't committed myself to a particular game (yet):
  • We all made 70 in FFXI last week, and have almost all beat Maat. The Black Mage battle is a bitch and our little Mews is taking a pounding. In fact, I almost wanted to beat him up when I saw him at Kaiser this morning. Had to be him; same blue clothes, white beard and blue seaman's cap.
  • I've actually started looking for a Wii. I realized this week that it's only a matter of time before I get one. The price is right, the graphics are good (even if they only look like the 'Cube ones), and there are some games I wouldn't mind playing on it. Hearing about the Mortal Kombat finishing moves made me think there's something for me there after all. Now if I can only get lucky from Amazon again (no sales tax).
  • Have been playing more Pokemon Diamond. Good game, but I do wish they had put more touch screen interaction in it. I added a Nerf Armor to my DS Lite which makes it bigger than the old phatty but much easier on the hands to hold. Plus the neon green is easy to spot.
  • Finished up my hardware upgrades. I now have as much power as I can squeeze out of the P4 system (pretty much doubled my 3DMark score) and I added a 300gb hard drive to the AMD utility system, which is good as I've gotten back into newsgroup lurking. I have to be a little careful how much time I let that suck up. You can download crap forever if you're not careful.

That about covers all I can think of now. As for a particular game, I'm going to try and get Oblivion installed and start playing it. After all, it was that game that prompted me to upgrade my deck in the first place.

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