Monday, November 27, 2006

Sifting through the ashes of Black Friday

So another Turkey day has come and gone, and with it, Black Friday. Like every other one, I mangaged to score a stack of games to add to my horde. I say "horde" as my wife has likened my game collection to that of a pile of treasure protected by a dragon. Ok, sounds good to me.

Adding to my nearly 600 "treasures" (counting PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PS1, SNES, N64, and DS) were such titles as Halo 2, NARC, Sudeki, Tekken 5, SOCOM 3, and Super Mario Strikers. Some were new, but most came from a B2G1F sale at Game-World (ie, Gamestop/EB World). Those always suck me in. Oddly enough, none came from Fry's this time. I think they (and other retailers) are dealing with how to manage game sales this year. They don't want to discount all the new titles for the Wii and PS3, but putting games on sale for consoles that are on their last marketable legs is a dubious proposition. There were some pretty good 360 game sales, but I didn't get lucky with Amazon. Oh well.

As the new year approaches and my collection reaches critical mass (can too many PS2 games really cause a black hole to form?) I'm thinking about a resolution to get some of these games played. I first thought about doing a "Classic Games" year where I play a new (to me) Triple A title every month. So like I'd do FFVII in January, RE4 in October, that sort of thing. However, that only gets me going on 12 titles, albeit they are the cream of the crop. Now I'm thinking about a game a week. Mind you, I'm not talking about completing it in a week, just getting it to the point of being able to white dot it. If I have a plan (ie, a list of games to work on ahead of time), it might help. I'd start on Monday and finish by Sunday, with a blog post wrap up that next Monday of what I thought of the game. This would take me through at least 52 games. Not a bad start on doing something with all those little boxes of alternate worlds.

Oh, quick FFXI update. We are at 62, have done our 65 level cap quest and are having a ton of fun doing Besieged. Also, on games, I've been playing a bit of RLH over the weekend. Sticky controls but the game is not bad. Great cast of actors that got to do voices. Classic Xbox still rocks! Stamp mania continues on the DS!

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