Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Update aka What I played this week

To keep this blog going, I'm going to make Friday's my "What did I play this week" entry.

FFXI - Worked on getting the SAM up to 30 so we can do a BCNM 30.

Hamtaro's Hamham Heartbreak - I'm really stuck on this game...and in a good way. It doesn't get repitious or too hard and the animations are sooooo cute. (Can't believe I just said that :P )

SiN Episode #1 - Not overly thrilled with this one. I hate that it's part of Steam (very slow to start up if there is an update). I'm still having a bitch of a time doing WASD keyboarding. I got lost in a few places trying to figure out what to do (like trying to open a chainlink fence door that just moved back and forth). And it has some really annoying load times. Frankly, I think I got it because it was on sale for only $14.99 and it included the original SiN game which I remember trying to play back in the early 3D days. Since it's supposed to be short, I might end up finishing it, but so far it's just another shooter with fairly pretty graphics.

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