Wednesday, March 29, 2006

DS vs PSP vs ? (Update #1)

I've been trying to decide if I need another handheld gaming system. My choices are either a PSP (which just dropped in price) or a DS Lite (which isn't for sale yet). This is what I'm weighing:

Pro: It's not another Nintendo; UMD movies; Some good games; Wireless net browsing; Putting stuff on Memory Sticks; Larger screen
Con: Will I really watch a UMD movie? (It would help if they had director commentaries); Not very many good games; Small screen wireless browsing doesn't work very well (or at least not on my PDA); GTA:LCS will be out on PS2 soon

DS Lite
Pro: Some good games out there; Cheaper than PSP; Plays GBA games; Is brighter even then new GBA; Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon games
Con: Touch screen; Nin still hasn't really figured out if it's in the game or not in regards to videos; Sort of feels like just another Gameboy

Well, the debate goes on. I'll have to get serious when the DS Lite is actually released over here.

Update #1

Out of all my posts, this one has actually resulted in responses (one I accepted, the other I didn't). As for who "won", I will be getting a DS Lite in June. It has better games (I think) and, while I will admit the PSP is a good unit, some of it's lesser features (load times, battery life, etc) make me less interested.

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Jon said...

The touch screen has been taken advantage in many games. From the top of my head I can think of includes Metroid Prime Hunters, Trauma Center, Kirby Canvas Curse and Ouendan!

There will of course be lazy developers who just repackage a GBA game with poor touch screen implementation (eg. MegaMan Battle Network 5), but in some cases the games are really good that even poor touch screen implementation won't matter (Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow).