Friday, January 06, 2006

I love it when I'm right :)

I read today that GTA:LCS is coming to the PS2....just like I predicted it would. Following the corporate plan that exclusivity has an expiration date, I knew that Sony would want more mileage out of the development costs incurred making LCS. It does surprise me a little that they announced so soon, but I guess the Xmas bubble has burst and whatever business the title could create for PSP sales is mostly over. Either way, it will make a fun game to play without having to get one of those pricey toys.

Traded some sleep last night for time on RE:2 for the cube. I have to agree with the critics who blasted Ninny for releasing it without the kind of update treatment #1 got. The graphics really suck for a cube game. But I have to say it handles better and runs quicker than it's PS1 parent.

Idea for next blog: Finishing games.

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